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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 016

I am the magical guardian of the noises of the night.

Red, green, blue, yellow the lasers shine down on you and then you become aware that you are thirsty.

Drink from me. Let me nourish you.

I am starlight.

The jumping, the pounding, the neon glow of happiness, and then you release your mind to me and feel the vibration.

Karma flows throughout the universe, and tiny eddies of possibility emerge from the river of time.

There is no way to engineer a new destiny. We are all on this path together.

We are the soldiers of the night, and we have all been conscripted for a higher calling.

Glowing, shining, darkness. The light which clouds the mind.

Are you free if your mind isn't your own?

Are you my slave if I control your essence?

I just have an intense craving for orange juice right now.


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