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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 014

When I was young I was immortal, I never thought I could die.

Now I'm still not dead, but that's by no means a permanent state of affairs.

So I carry on not being dead and living every moment that I can jumping up and down like a maniac with random strangers to repetitive bleeps of glory.

Of course most of the time I just spend at work. Sometimes, if I've been having a better time than usual, I am at work, hung over. Begging my boss to let me borrow an aspirin.

Oh yes. Glory days, indeed.

So, what will become of this whole planet pumping, hip grinding, boot spinning world of ours?

In a thousand million generations, the new Chimp people will arise, and they will learn from our human mistakes.

They will start off where our race ended. To them, nuclear physics and electro-funk-acid-jazz will be common sense, as natural to them as breathing in and out is to us.

They will build their society on the new designs and the new shapes which we can not even imagine.

And their music will be noise to us.

And we will be deaf.

Evolution's forgotten fling from last summer - the human race.

We will sit with the dinosaurs in the vast museums of the futuropolis and talk about the good old days.

Yeah, progress baby.


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