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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 030

Endless speed, constant motion, the shining energy of distant stars
Is this life or are we dying at a million miles an hour?

Disconnect your feelings; there is no need to live this awkward little life.

You have joined the vast, seething, collective. You are a worker bee in the electric dungeon.

Wax and honey and computer chips. Upgraded insects, walking the surface of the earth.

Soft liquid crystal blue displays emit a pale light into the void of darkness.

Why can't I monitor reality? Always inconsistencies. Never clarity.

There is no hope for total control.

The memories come so fast, from the future from the past.
All is blur.
All is data.

We are the new humanity

There is a rush

There is input

A single moment of awareness
And then we fall back asleep


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